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Galapagos Finches Study and Darwin

Part 1

1)Use web URL Make sure the latest Java software is up to date. Suggested web browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, hence Google Chrome will not work with Evolution Lab program.

**To run the online applet:
1. Download the latest java.
2. Restart your browser (do not use Google Chrome)
3. Go to Settings/ Preferences of your browser, go to permissions and enable Java.

  1. Run program, to start the Evolution Lab.

2)Go directly into Evolution Lab and follow the document below to start the first part of the assignment. Finish “Evolution Lab Experiment Worksheet” (copy and paste into Word document for easier view)

Part 2

1)Using the same information from the worksheet, make a report that follows within the boundaries of the “Evolution Team Report template document.”

2)MLA format, follow the guidelines through each subcategory given.

Team Research Report for Evolution Lab

Due Date: This assignment is due, uploaded using the Moodle assignment link provided, by 8:00 pm the evening before your next F2F lab session.Only one upload per research team is required.


Instructions: In your team research report, you and your research partner will synthesize your individual experimental results to report your hypotheses, experimental design in EvolutionLab, results, and conclusions regarding bothof the conditions for evolution by natural selection proposed by Darwin (#2 or #3). Please use the guidelines provided in the template that begins on the next page to prepare your team research report.



Research Team Member Name:               



Research Team Member Name:               




Describe below what it is you are investigating. Clearly state the hypotheses you are testing and reference the appropriate conditiosn for natural selection posed by Darwin (#2 or #3). Remember that hypotheses are statements,not questions.(This section should be four or five sentences in length.)



Experimental Design

Describe the design of your experiments. How many experiments did you conduct to test your hypotheses? For each experiment, which Island was your control and which was your treatment? What parameter in EvolutionLab was varied in each experiment? What input values did you use for each experiment? (You may which to include a list or table to summarize your experiments.This section should be four or five sentences in length)




Describe the results for each of your experiments. Be sure to include figures that show what happened in each experiment. (These can be exported from EvolutionLab as images and copied/pasted into this report.) Label each figure (Fig. 1, Fig. 2, etc.) and add a caption to each figure that makes it clear what the figure shows. Refer to each figure when you describe the results. (You should have 2-4 figures and 2-3 sentences per figure describing the results.)



Discussion and Conclusions

This is the section that should do the job of synthesizing your two sets of experiments – Here you can compare the results of each set of experiments for each hypothesis and indicate whether they conformed to expectations based on Darwin’s conditions for evolution by natural selection. Describe what your results indicate. Do your results support your hypothesis? What can you conclude from your results? (This section should five or six sentences in length.)



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