Future Leader Assignment Brief

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Future Leader Assignment Brief

 You are required to submit an essay which outlines your understanding of one of the below titles.


The essay will include the following elements:


  1. Where is the future of carparks in a world of sustainability?
  2. How do airports stay relevant and sustainable in the future?
  3. In a world of aircraft development, identify the latest commercial development in aircraft trend.
  4. Riyadh future growth and how it will compare against ME competitors – where should it focus it route development?
  5. What do you see as a future of automation in Saudi Arabian airports.


Your essay must have an Introduction with a clear outline of what the essay will address.

Include best practice and new idea’s

Conclude with your suggestions and findings




The essay should show evidence of engagementwith the literature and research in the area.


Word count: 2000 words. Excluding reference sheet (intext referencing included in essay).


Cover sheet to include:



Essay Title

Word Count


References: At least five references used in text. APA methodto be applied.

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