Future – A Dream or Nightmare?

Future – A Dream or Nightmare?

“The future – a dream or nightmare?” (Huxley) Answer this with reference to a development that will affect our lives in the future. Discuss the positive and negative consequences of the different aspects of this development. Answer the question – will the future be a dream or a nightmare.

2.1 Analyse and produce appropriate forms of communication for a variety of written contexts
2.2 Plan and produce draft and final written texts, which show a sustained and logical argument and which conform to an appropriate form or structure including accurate use of grammar and spelling etc
2.3 Report on investigations and conclusions, in an appropriate format following agreed referencing conventions
Developing skills for studying and learning

1.1 Analyse, evaluate and use appropriate forms of written communication for a variety of study activities, for example note taking, essay planning, re-drafting following feedback spelling correctly etc
1.2 Analyse and respond to an assignment brief, planning and executing it following an accepted format
in addition to meeting the basic criteria you will need to meet the following criteria:
Your ability to plan, draft and redraft demonstrates that you can: consistently select and apply appropriate techniques with excellent levels of accuracy

You have submitted a plan, a first draft and a final essay. Your plan shows that you have thoroughly considered the content and structure of your essay. There is clear improvement between the first and second drafts.
in addition to meeting the basic criteria you will need to meet the following criteria:
· identifies new information from sources which are consistently appropriate
· makes extensive use of additional information
· consistently appraises the relevance and value of new information accurately
· shows an excellent grasp of the meaning and significance of new information
· consistently combines or synthesises information with outcomes that are accurate, appropriate and
· succinct
· innovative
· creative

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You will have included information from more than three relevant sources and you will have clearly indicated how valuable or believable they are. Your writing will make it clear that you fully understand the source material you are using and you will answer the question based on the information you have gathered.
in addition to meeting the basic criteria your work will need to meet the following criteria:
· is structured in a way that is consistently logical and fluent
· arguments and ideas are unambiguous and cogent
You will construct a logical and convincing argument leading to a clear conclusion

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