Fuel Cells


About fuel cell,

a. Literature Review of your topic: What is the motivation? Define the principles, key terms, background information

• Discuss limitations of the ORR reaction in fuel cells

• optimizing ORR in non-platinum cathodes and summarize

b. Objective of your project: a clear, concise statement of the research question(s) to be investigated and your general overview of methods used.

Proposed Methods:

• Discuss cathode material selection, nickel, gold, cobalt

• Comsol simulation modelling

• Taguchi design parameters, and control sample info

• Discuss experimental setup

Proposed Plan: describe the detailed plan of your project from now to end of April 2018. You can use the Gantt Chart. Map how this plan can ensure the completion of your project and what is your backup plan.

• include details for first round of fabrication.

Conclusions: conclusion you could talk about how we are well set to start fabrication and testing in the coming weeks. You can also mention the difficulty we’ve had modelling our cathodes in COMSOL and how we hope to over come that to help confirm our results.

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