Freedom with Fences & Keys to Success

Week 1 Discussion 1

Freedom with Fences” Please respond to the following:

o Reflect upon Robert Stephens’ discussion of “Freedom with Fences” from Chapter 1 of CIO Best Practices. Discuss the
implications of this concept on the CIO, the IT organization, and the technologies that are managed by the IT organization.
0 Assess the impact that the ” Freedom with Fences“ concept, as described by Robert Stephens, would have on the operations of
an organization.

Week 1 Discussion 2

Keys to Success’ Please respond to the following:

Reflect upon the ”Keys to Success” a from Chapter 22 of the Lane textbook. While it is understood that all the keys are
important, select one and then explain why it is the most important.

With the understanding that the CIO and the IT organization are the threads that connect the entire organization, in your opinion,
explain how the ”Keys to Success’ work to comprehensively address all IT-related projects and requests. Explain the
importance of each key.

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