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Freedom of speech

Give some examples from the article that successfully argue the main point§ Are there biases present in the article? If so, where? § Identify the type of reasoning used (inductive or deductive) in the article; you can consider the “balance of considerations reasoning” (as mentioned on page 40 of our textbook) – discuss and give examples of this from the article – does the article use inductive reasoning…deductive reasoning…both? § Analyze the claims: o Are the claims objective or subjective? o Is relativism used? Is moral subjectivism used? § Identify and discuss the argument premise(s) that exist(s) in the article §

ROUGH DRAFT: Purpose: This assignment will help reinforce the ideas that you’ve learned about in this week’s reading. Assignment: Write a 2-3 page short essay, per the Instructions below. *The essay must be at least 2 full pages, down to the bottom of the page – if in doubt, write more, onto that 3rd page!*

Note: This is an academic essay, not a personal opinion essay – do not use 1st person (I, me, my). Instructions: Based on the article, “Freedom of Speech,” and using what you’ve learned this week about evaluating arguments, write a 2-3 page short essay in which you discuss ALL of the following:

Include a properly formatted Works Cited page.§ Use proper MLA citation formatting. § Use proper MLA paper formatting. §MLA formatting, Citations, and Works Cited


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