Frederick Douglass: Narrative of the Life

Frederick Douglass: Narrative of the Life Texts and Readings:

Norton Anthology of World Literature (Package 2), 3rd Edition–ISBN 978-0-393-93366-6 

Main points:

  • Your discussion should be both informative (explaining what the text states in relation to your questions) and evaluative (expressing your opinion of what is given).
  • You should refer to specific passages, give specific details, in the course of your discussion.

While you are only required to refer to the selection listed, you are welcome to look at aspects of the author’s background and at the larger social, ethical, and/or religious contexts. (You might want to add information about how the points from Douglass’s Narrative are reflective of the time, etc.)

  • Your goal is to show that you have fulfilled in part the course’s purpose: a developed appreciation, interpretation, and evaluation of world literature.

Frederick Douglass: Narrative of the Life Questions

  1. Why can Douglass not reveal the details of his escape to freedom? What does this lack of information reveal about his character and motives in writing?
  2. What makes David Ruggles and Nathan Johnson true Christians?
  3. How does Douglass contrast the Christianity of Christ with that of the slaveholders?
  4. Does any of this material reflect Romantic characteristics? If so, how?

Fredrick Douglass Narrative Assignment 2

All questions must be responded to in separate paragraphs. Some might be connected into a continuous narrative about Douglass but you must make the nescessary linkages through transitional sentences and paragraphs.

You may determine the order in which your responses are to be presented. It is important to affix a title to your work that will give a vivid overall view of your  characterization of Douglass and his place in history.

The result should be unified, ordered and structured essay on Douglass.

Write an essay on Douglass life after he is freed from slavery.

Narrative of the Life Questions

1. Explain the significance of Douglass fight with Comey

2. What is a slave narrative and how does Douglass follow its pattern and/or depart from it.

3. How would Douglass respond to contemporary white supremisacists and what wold characterize his method of response?

4. What role does religious belief play in Douglass development and what view of organized religion does Douglass express?

5. Discuss Douglass acquisition of language skills and how they figure in his life.

6. Discuss Douglass story as a quest narrative.

7. Discuss slavery as it affects the slave owners rather than just the slaves and what Douglass would have to say about this.

Metaphors or ‘real-life’ narratives

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