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Formal report Discussion


College students represent a new push for credit card companies. An amazing 84 percent of students carried at least one credit card.

In the most recent study of undergraduate card use, half of college students had four or more cards (Guffey and Loewy, 2012). Credit cards are

a contributing factor when students graduate with an average of $20,000 debt. Because they can’t buy cars, rent homes, or purchase insurance,

graduates with big credit debt see a bleak future for themselves. A local newspaper plans to run a self-help story about college student credit

card debt. The editor asks your group to prepare a formal report on the topic of college student credit card debt. Use ABI/INFORM, Factiva, or

LexisNexis and the Web to locate basic information about student credit card debt. In a formal report, discuss shared credit cards and other

options. Use one or more of the techniques discussed in this chapter to track your sources. Format the report using the headings in the

chapter.Finally, include a letter of transmittal addressed to your instructor.Formal Report Rubric.

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