Fitness Assessment

Fitness Assessment

For your first assignment you are to identify the person/athlete that you will use for the entire semester. This person will be the client that you will be using with your Final Project (Please Review Final Project). Once you identify your client you will be required to do a full fitness assessment overview. You have selected NFL Running Back Adrian Peterson as your client.

You will not be required to have your client perform the performance and cardiorespiratory assessments, however, you will need to report which ones you will have your client participate in with regards to their individual goals. You are required to have your client perform the Postural and movement assessments.

Your assessment will include:

Subjective Information (list)

Objective Information (list)

Cardiorespiratory Assessment (list)

Postural and Movement Assessment (Perform and list)

Performance Assessments (list)

Your submission will be in a narrative form with the use of any charts/graphs you see fit which are located in the course resources. Your paper is to be a minimum of 3 pages and no longer than 6, not including title & reference page. You are required to support your train of thought with academic sources (min.3) providing a rationale of why you chose the particular assessments for your client.

Your writing component must meet all rules of APA formatting. This includes a title page, headers, page numbers, intext citations, and a reference list that follows the APA 6th edition format.Use the client that you are planning to use in your final project as this will be a component needed for the development of your final project.

Please use your text as well as the NASM forms below for guidance and as needed.

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