Fiscal policy analysis paper-conclusion

Fiscal policy analysis paper-conclusion

the assignment is complete an in-depth analysis of an assigned fiscal policy report. after reading the CBO report ,the Policy Analysis Paper must address the following: Describe what the report is about

? Identify and discuss three perceived implications of the report for Riverside CA

? Develop one initiative or proposal to address each of the implications you perceive affecting Riverside CA because this a group project you don’t have to do all this.

my part is to do the conclusion but I want you to understand how the paper is going to be so you can conclude well. the paper will contain introduction and summary then three implications of the report for Riverside CA and three proposal to address these issues which are graffiti, unemployment and homelessness(other group members are going to link these issues to the report). finally my part which is the conclusion. in it share your knowledge and sights, what you have learned from conducting this research and the most import to focus on how these issues related to each other and how the CBO forecast is related to these issues.

I have attached ed the report( you have to read it) the 3 issues and proposals so you can draw a conclusion for the future paper) if you do not understand contact me

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