Finding Industrial Robot Homework #4

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Homework #4

Finding Industrial Robot


imagine that you are the manager a fictional industrial operation.  It could be anything you like, for example manufacturing, assembly, painting, machining, logistics and distribution etc.

Looking through the websites of robot manufacturers, find a robot that could help you be more effective, efficient, and profitable in your operation.


To answer this assignment, I’d like you to:

  1. tell me what your fictional industrial operation does., i.e., what business are you in
  2. include a link to the robot that you think will help you in your operation (this link should be from the manufacturer’s website, or something comparable)
  3. explain how this robot will help you in your operation
  4. looking at the specifications, features, and functions of the robot you are selecting; explain how those specifications/features would satisfy some of the design considerations we discussed as being important in the selection of a robot.

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