Financial Analysis

Sources: 1. Wall Street Journal 2. Business Week 3. Fortune 4. Forbes 5. The Economist 6. Financial Times 7. International Finance Corporation’s publications. 8. Numerous Online publications 9. Numerous Academic Publications 10. The Banker 11. Annual Reports. 20. IMF/World Bank publications. Online Data Bases: Data-stream, Bloomberg, Yahoo; Internet (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Grading Criteria for the Research Project: Originality and uniqueness of the issues discussed: Relevant Research [Identify and use at least 10 latest articles, information sites etc. which are relevant] Financial and Quantitative Analysis [Financial Analysis is needed. Avoid all descriptions,

1. 15 Page Research paper- including graphs, tables, citations and references. [1.5 page spacing, 11 Times New Roman font] 2. At least ten references – latest; less than two years old. 3. “It is not just a cut and paste job” of other researcher’s work and industry observations. Need discussion of impact and analysis in the last 5 pages. 2020 Finance Jobs: AI and UBI Impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics (Robos), Cybernetics & Universal Basic Income Next generation Automation and its impact on jobs, and stakeholders in financial services industry – Analysts, Banking, Managers to VC; How safe is your career? and where will be the new jobs be? How do we meet the social upheaval and disruption costs? Research has predicted that proportion of jobs threatened by Technology and Automation is 69% in India, 77% in China and 85% in Ethiopia; and Automation will post a big challenge to end extreme poverty. Jim Yong Kim, World Bank President AI is humanity’s greatest threat, even more dangerous than nuclear weapons. Elon Musk, TESLA CEO Society Seeks Equilibrium and everyone winds up basically with a job. So just because one Category of Jobs disappear doesn’t mean other aren’t coming. Steve Wozniak, co-founder Apple In the next 30 years, people will work 4 hours a day, 4 days a week. Jack Ma, CEO Alibaba


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