Film Analysis Essay

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Essay #1: Film Analysis

For our first assignment, you will be structuring a solid, logical argument complete with supporting evidence focusing around some aspect of your favorite movie. Consider this similar to the rhetorical analysis of a speech, except that the speech is the movie that you’re analyzing.

You should choose to work with an argument concerning a movie that you feel you could discuss at length.


The essay should contain evidence for your claims from at least 3 database sources. Sources should be vetted using the criteria addressed in class. Remember, you may not always find a source that directly agrees with you or addresses your idea– this is why you must use your critical thinking skills and imagination to find sources that you believe associate with your evidence in some way. Ideally, you should have at least one source for every claim in your presentation or essay that supports your ideas.


The essay should follow the formatting conventions and expectations of all essays this semester. See syllabus for more. Writing an essay in some form on incorrect format will result in grade reduction.

Prompts — Only respond to One

  1. What is a theme that you see developed over time in the movie you’ve chosen? What types of tools on the director’s part were used to lend to this theme? Cinematography? Editing? Acting schemes that are predominant? Dialogue? Narrow down a few elements and argue your belief, your position.
  2. What’s a movie you enjoyed when you were younger that you feel could still relate to the youth of today? How so? What about it makes that connection? Argue for your position.
  3. Does the film reflect a current cultural theme or represent a particular political or theoretical viewpoint? How does it do this? Do you believe it is effective in doing so or not?
  4. Consider the genre of this film. Is it similar to other films in this genre? How does it stay the same or change the expectations of the genre it’s been placed in?
  5. What was going on in the world the year the film was released? How does it reflect the time, and in what ways? What connection to national and international attitude and events can you find?
  6. Choose two films from the same genre and use some aspects of film including character, cinematography, music, editing, acting, dialogue, etc. to discuss how similar or different they may be.

Outline of Argument for Presentation


Potential thesis statement:

Parts of Claim

Premise #1:

Supporting evidence:

Premise #2:

Supporting evidence:

Premise #3:

Supporting evidence:



Essay Format:

  1. Typed and Double-Spaced, 12-Times New Roman font and 1-inch margins (top, bottom, left, right)
  2. Minimum length is 4 full pages (1200 words)
  3. Must follow MLA format rules.
  4. Must include Title.
  5. Works cited must be included if using outside sources.


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