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Federalists vs. Anti-federalists

Essay Instructions

You will write a 800-1000 word historical essay covering the subject of your choice. This will be a historical analysis of the topic, not simply a retelling of what happened. Therefore, the most important step in writing your essay will be choosing an argument over your topic. This needs to be a historically defensible claim that takes a position and then defends it with historical evidence. The sources and evidence should be used to support and defend your historical argument, but should not be the main part of your essay.

Your essay must include 3-5 references or citations. Following either MLA or Chicago style formatting. Your essay must include a bibliography of all cited and referenced materials. Sources such as videos, wikipedia, textbooks, etc. can be helpful sources for background information, but your citations and references should be more reputable and scholarly in nature. If you are having trouble finding peer-reviewed or scholarly articles, please utilize the online library database found under the tools tab on blackboard.

If you are having trouble with citations, please look through these sources: apa_style_introduction.html


Federalists vs. Anti-federalists: What were the main arguments prior to ratification of the

Constitution? What was the outcome of the debate?

Thesis- The historical debate involving the federalists and anti-federalists remains to have

a major impact on the American political scene and the judicial system. The debate was

sparked by a group calling themselves anti-federalists who believed it was not good to

have a strong central government. They felt that having such a system of governance

would be difficult to put the government in check because it would undermine the powers

of the state governments. They felt that a strong central government would take the

country back into the British colonialists’ tyranny they had fought against. On the other

hand, the federalists insisted on having a strong central government with a strong

executive. The debate was resolved by adopting the bill of rights, which was to be used

alongside the Constitution to protect the American people’s liberties. Through the bill of

rights, a strong central government with a vibrant executive could be checked by the

courts on matters to do with rights violations.

Essay Rubric

Defensible thesisThe thesis makes a solid defensible claim or argument on a historical issue.The thesis is identifiable, but does not provide an argument on the matter; rather it just states facts.The thesis is identifiable, but lacks an argument and/or historical basis in factThe thesis is nonexistent or unidentifiable
Use of evidenceThe essay includes 3-5 citations/references that are relevant and support the argumentThe essay includes 3-5 citations/references but all are not relevant to argumentThe essay includes fewer than 3 sources for evidence but it attempts to support the argument.The thesis is nonexistent or unidentifiable
Structure/ OrganizationThe essay is well structured and follows a coherent argument that flows throughout the essay and supports the arguments.The essay is well structured but does not effectively support the argument.The essay attempts to follow a coherent format, but is unsuccessful at supporting the argument.The essay is disorganized and does not follow a coherent argument
Works Cited/


All sources are accurately cited according to MLA or APA style formatting, and a proper bibliography is includedSources and bibliography mostly follow MLA or APA style formatting, but there are a few errorsSources are not properly cited OR a bibliography is not includedSources are not properly cited and no bibliography is included
Grammar/ mechanicsNo grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors. A few grammatical spelling, or punctuation errors.Almost no grammatical, spelling or punctuation errorsSeveral grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors.The paper is full of grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors.


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