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Federal Trade Commission 1916 analysis

Federal Trade Commission 1916 analysis

Paper instructions:

This is a 2,000-word exploratory assignment where you are required to write-up an

examination of a firm operating internationally early in the 20th Century. To make this

possible all students are going to follow the same general template and be guided through

the process of writing this assignment. There are a number of stages that you’ll follow:

1. Company selection – the class will be presented with a list of potential firms from

a report by the Federal Trade Commission in 1916. They will all be British-based

free-standing companies, so may be well-know, but most will be generally

obscure (at least now). The FTC report can be found on ELE, and for those

interested the list starts on p. 541 with the Aguas Blancas Railway Co., in Chile,

with a capitalization of $14, 500, 000. This assignment must be on a firm in this

FTC list.

2. Once the company is selected you can start research on that firm, and again some

of the classes are designed to help you through that process.

3. You’ll be provided with some basic information on your chosen firm.

4. You’ll be provided with examples of the sorts of things you can write about.

5. Each assignment is going to be different, and will present different challenges,

and therefore each will be assessed on its own merits, but see the detailed

marking criteria on ELE.

6. There are some firms that you many not use: Rio Tinto, Bovril, and Burmah Oil,

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