Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938

Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938

Paper instructions:

Paper instructions:

Topic: Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938(FLSA), this is a specific law under all labor laws. Therefore, Be sure that what you are going to write in this paper is FLSA, not labor law!!!

Here is the structure of this paper.

Part1: Identification: (1.5 pages)

The History of FLSA

What are the problems and what was happening during that period.

Part2: Agenda Setting: (1 page)

What politician or introduced bill or law.

Who could/would influence this law’s processing.

Part3 Formulating: (1 page)

Description of ways they were going to solve problem

Part4 Enactment (0.5 page, very short)

When did it pass

Part5 Implementation + Action

What bureaucracy

How was this law/rule/policy administered to the people

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