Facebook Analytics Lab Assignment

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Facebook Analytics Lab Assignment

Create or use an existing Facebook account and login to Facebook Analytics demo at: https://analytics.facebook.com/get-started

Objective: Perform Omni Channel Analysis to identify typical user journeys and conversion rates across your businesses Websites, Social Media Accounts and Apps.

  • Funnel: Create a funnel for users who search on phone and purchase on phone by Device OS. Which devices have the highest conversion rate when search is initiated by phone?
  • Journeys
    • Identify the most common converting (to purchase) and non-converting routes
    • Which first interaction leads to most purchases?
    • For the Top 10% of most active users, what are the most common starting points and conversion routes?
    • For your Instagram followers, which route(Start->End) is the most successful for conversions.
  • Submit
    • 1 or 2 page executive summary that includes
    • Four Screenshots (1 and 2a, c, d)
    • 150-200 word summary that describes results of the Journey and Funnel Analysis. The summary should refer to the screenshots.

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