Expression of transgenes

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Please read Paul et al (2017) and answer questions. 2-3 pages

  1. Selection of the correct promoter is necessary for the successful and appropriate expression of transgenes in a transgenic organism. The promoter used can determine the timing, location, and level of the expression of a gene. If it was your intention to produce Cavendish bananas that strongly express a transgene in their banana peels at the fruit greening and fruit ripening stage, which of the 3 promoters from the study would you select to use, and which would you not select? Refer to the findings in the paper to explain the reasoning for you choices.
  2. How did the researchers determine the level of expression of the transgenes in the transgenic lines produced? Other than the increase in PVA, what were the other phenotypes observed in the transgenic crops that were produced?
  3. Several transgenic plants made with the intention of increasing levels of  PVA have been made in the past. Explain how the transgenic crops produced  in this study were distinct from Golden Rice 2 and in what ways were they the same (think about the transgenes, transgene combinations, and promoters used).
  4. Evaluate the study findings and discuss what further work needs to be done before transgenic bananas are produced for general consumption. Are there are any aspects of the study that could be improved? Please reference any scientific literature as needed to support your answer.

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