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Experiential Paper 2

Experiential Paper 2

Write a 500- 750-word paper discussing at least 5 web sites that you think would be helpful to adults or adolescents who are experiencing a problem with alcohol use, alcohol abuse, and dependence.List the url for each website and summarize the information found on the site that could be helpful to either adults or adolescents and explain how this information might be helpful to them

Experiential Paper #2 you just need to discuss the 5 websites that you have selected.

• APA format style
• Separate title page
• 12-point font
• Numbered pages
• 1″ margins

Assessment Rubric
A copy of the rubric that will be used to grade your experiential papers is provided below.
Content: 5 points maximum
Experience and assignment is discussed in clear detail.
Author correctly supports experience and explanation with at least 3 scholarly references.
Paper is submitted on time.
Organization: 2 points maximum
The paper is organized with an introduction and a conclusion which summarizes experience.
Mechanics and Style: 3 points maximum
Paper is free from errors (e.g., grammatical, spelling, typos).
Paper is grammatically sound (proper sentence structure.
Citations and references in proper APA style.

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