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Evolutionary theory


1.Create another analogy for geological time. Make sure that you are clear about how years (or millions of years) are represented in your analogy. Use it to relate the following major events in the history of life:

The first bird.
The first flying insect.
The first eukaryotic life.
The first life.
First flowering plants.
First land animals.
First dinosaur.
First human.
First Jellyfish.

2. Find at least one internet source which questions the validity of homology as evidence of evolution. Briefly summarize their argument. Find and describe a response by proponents of evolutionary theory. Evaluate the evidence supporting their positions.

3. Central dogma is the means by which genetic information is translated into a protein. First, DNA will replicate itself, it will then copy itself again and turn itself into RNA. This process is called transcription. Also, the DNA and RNA are the 2 nucleic acids of this. Next the RNA is synthesized into a protein and that is called translation.

This protein is an amino acid, also it is a linear polymer. I find that this help prove evolution because every single life in our world has the same DNA structure, except maybe some mitochondria. This alone shows that if all our DNA is the same then we must all have shared the same ancestors at one point.

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