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Evidence-Based Medicine Paper

Evidence-Based Medicine Paper (10 points)

After reviewing reading materials on evidence-based medicine, write a 6-8 pages paper outlining the following:

1.Your understanding of evidence-based medicine in your own words. 1 point.

2.Different kinds of evidence-based medicine, main concepts, building blocks, and questions it addresses. 1 point.

3.Explain clinical trials using sources provided in Course Content and your own literature search. Provide examples of clinical trials for at least 1 type of a trial you list in this section of the paper. 1 point.

4.Multiple, often competing, views of evidence-based medicine among different medical providers. 1 point.

5.Your own view of evidence-based medicine and how you think it could be applicable or not applicable to improve quality and reduce cost of medical care. 1 point.

6.Latest research in this area using basic literature search conducted via databases available from NSU’s Alvin Sherman or HPD libraries. 1 point.

7.Your opinion on the future of evidence-based medicine and its connection to the clinical decision support domain of knowledge. 1 point.

8.Visit the official clinical trials web site maintained by the U.S. National Institutes of Health at Using search criteria of your choice under the Find Studies tab, identify any study in the Completed status that contains a fair amount of information about it. Many of the studies will not have results posted, but will still contain plenty of information about their purpose, participants, benefits, evidence base, criteria, etc. Compile a brief report/table outlining your findings using the following criteria: (3 points)
a. Purpose of the study
b. Type of clinical trial
c. Patient inclusion criteria
d. Whether the study was evidence based and what kind(s) of evidence was available to support the need for this particular study
e. Potential benefits and disadvantages for the patients
f. Your opinion on the research value of this study to advance patient care.

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