Evidence-Based Interventions Paper

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#3 Evidence-Based Interventions Paper:

This paper is an overview of interventions or programs that have been used to address the defined problem from Paper #2. Be sure you frame this as an answerable, testable question.

You are asked to find 3-4 journal articles that are research studies of interventions/programs for the defined problem you have selected. If there are no direct studies, then you will need to find research done in a similar area. You may select one program and describe three different studies of it or you may select three different interventions and summarize them.

Your field agency and its clients are the foundation of all three papers. For this paper,

(1) Begin with your testable question: What is the question that these studies will address? For example, your question might be, “What is the best way to engage family members in services for Spanish-speaking clients with mental health issues?”;

(2) Summarize what you have read in your research studies: the actual intervention and how it was tested–the research questions or hypotheses, the methods used, the sample, measures used, and the strong is the “evidence”?);

(3) Discuss how these interventions are either currently being offered at your agency or how they might or might not be beneficial to your agency. This is another way to discuss the Implications of the studies;

(4) Provide a short summary at the end, tying all the information together.


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