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Events happened in Russia during the period 1924-1953


Please share your thoughts about two or more most important from your point of view events happened in Russia during the period 1924-1953. Length: 300-500 words.

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Only use sources that provided down there, no outside sources allowed!!!

Video Details:

  • Russia 1941-1945: Great Patriotic War: Movies with subtitles

Enemy at the Gates. (2001). Jean-Jacques Annaud – director

  • The Dawns Here are Quiet. Two Parts (1972). Director Stanislav Rostotskiy. Composer Kiril Molchanov.

Part 1.

Part 2.

  • Hot Snow (1972). Gavriil Egiazarov – director. Alfred Shnitke – composer. vJ4OUDjM&list=PLgjWe5mDnN7-QkXXgu_Clu4qjyMzwgyCK&index=209

  • The most recent Russian movies about WW2: T-34 (2019).
  • Stalingrad. (2018)


Russia Chronology 1924 -1953

1929 – Stalin started the soviet industrialization and collectivization.

1934 – Stalin’s Great Purge begins. Stalin eliminates any opposition and hundreds of thousand people are killed.

1939 – World War II begins. Russian invades Poland in an agreement with Germany.

1941 – Germany invades Russia. Russia joins the Allies.

1942 – The Russian army defeats the German army at the Battle of Stalingrad. This is the major turning point in World War II.

1945 – World War II ends. The Soviet Union controls much of eastern Europe including Poland and East Germany. The Cold War begins.

1945-1951 Soviet Union rebuilding the European part of its territory destroyed by Germans during the War.

1949 – The Soviet Union detonates an atomic bomb.

1953 – Stalin died.

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