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European Imperialism in the Middle East

European Imperialism in the Middle East

What were the goals of European imperialism? Did imperialism look the same in everywhere in the region? How did people experience imperialism in their daily lives?

1. Write an initial post (maximum 100 words) that makes a concise observation or point on the basis of one or more of the readings.

I need an answer to this question from these books specifically and only. you can choose one of them. just an answer to the question no more than 100 words.

Gelvin, The Modern Middle East, Ch. 5 (Hatt-i Sharif and Islahat Fermani)

Burke/Yaghoubian, Struggle and Survival, Chs. 2, 3, 4, and 5

also, a substantive reply to this no more than 75 words.

(Do not simply state that you agree or like the post–it must be a substantive comment (maximum 75 words)

The goals of European imperialism may have seemed similar. The Brits and The French mainly valued economic purposes in where they created market economies. Then we also see goals such as changing the ideology of the natives.Then we see that the reason they occupy is to prevent a rival nation acquiring that power.

However, the motives of imperialism were different in the region. The French control over Algeria was for a colonial settlement, while in Egypt it was a simple occupation and in Lebanon it was a political intervention. Finally, Shaykh Abi al-Qasim in Algeria opposed the French in a way where they tried to re-enforce Islamic values so that ideologies of the French don’t disperss them over time.

European Imperialism in the Middle East

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