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Stakeholder Relationships & CSR: Case Analysis Global Entertainments (GE) The Arboleda Corporation (AC) driver was meeting the four representatives of Global Entertainments (GE) at Manila airport. T

hese were the vice- president of corporate development, director of Asian operations, vice- president of global relations and the director of governmental relations for Asia. GE, headquartered in New York, was considering the development of a Philippines cultural entertainment centre on the main island of Mindanao.

The islands are a tourist destination in need of development. Both GE and AC believed that Mindanao was a great candidate for a new project. The entertainment centre would focus on the history of the Philippines and include a variety of live performances, rides, exhibits and restaurants. Domestic and international travellers who visited Mindanao would be the primary target market GE had been in business for almost 20 years and currently used a joint venture approach in establishing new properties.

AC was its Philippine partner and the two firms had been successful two years ago in developing a water entertainment park and casino outside Manila. Mindanao could hold a lot of potential, but there were likely to be concerns about the likely destruction of its beauty and the exploitation of some of the well-preserved parts of the island.

Following a day to adjust to the time zone and refine the strategy for the visit, the next three days would be spent in Manila, meeting with various companies and government officials who had a stake in the proposed entertainment facility. After a the 6hr flight to Mindanao, the group would be the guest of the Office of the tourism Authority of Southern Philippines for nearly a week.

This part of the trip would involve visits to possible sites as well as meetings with island government officials and local interest groups. After arriving at the hotel in Manila, the four employees of GE agreed to meet later that evening to discuss their strategy for the visit.

One of their main concerns was the development of an effective stakeholder analysis in order to defend GE’s position on any CSR and sustainability discussions.


  1. With reference to the above extract, explain the causes and the consequences found in the case study in relation to social and/or environmental issues. (200-350 words)
  2. Identify the main stakeholders involved in this case and evaluate to what extent each of them is responsible for this situation. (300-450 words)
  3. What CSR model/approach would you recommend for this situation?

Explain in detail your reasoning for the chosen model and identify potential weaknesses this model might have in this context. (500-700 words)


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