Ethical hacking practical scenarios



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Course Name Intrusion Detection and Ethical Hacking Course Code CSF 3203
Date July1, 2018 Submission Date  
Maximum Marks   Percentage of Final Grade. 25%


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This assessment will assess the following Course learning outcomes:

Question No. 1, 2.2 2.1, 2.2 2.2      






Case 1: Information gathering  (20 Marks)


You as a team member in HackingTheWorld has been asked to collect information about one target of your choice. You have been asked to provide all valuable information regarding attacking this target. Write a full solution report that includes the following:

  • Target name (e.g., Etisalat, ebay, …etc)
  • List all domains and IP address of this target
  • List all possible email addresses of the target
  • Which of the retrieved IP’s is up and which is down
  • Header identities (Web server information)


You need to clearly explain which tools you have used to gather these information and provide screenshots accordingly.




Case 2: Scanning


Task 2.1 (30 Marks)


One of the Labs we had is creating a malware on the victim WinXP with a hidden NetCat command that retrieve the MS-DOS terminal onto the attacker Kali-Linux. The basic idea was running a netcat command that listen on a specific port on windows where Kali establish a connection at the same port and sniffs. Now you have been asked to do the inverse way: that is, Kali is now the victim and WinXP is the attacker.



  • Explain exactly each step on both machines
  • Which commands and tools have you used
  • Provide screenshots




Task2.2   (50 Marks)


The HCT College in AAWC is using wireless networks for almost all devices and being part of this, you have an idea to scan and collect all up hosts and used ports of each host. For this mission, you need to install Zenmap tool on your laptop and connect to the wireless LAN. Do an intensive scan for the WLAN network.


  • List all hosts IP addresses and the corresponding running services
  • What is the exact parameters that you have used in Zenmap (provide screenshot)
  • Show the topology of detected hosts in the WLAN
  • If you need to send only 512 byte 5 times from port 55 to port 169 on one of the detected IP address, which tool should you use and what is the exact command that accomplish this mission


  • Which tool on Kali is used to scan vulnerabilities on Linux based OSs, explain its functionality and provide a test scenario.


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