Ethical Concerns in the Online World

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Discussion Forum:  Mod2-1 Ethical Concerns in the Online World


  • Read

Spinello, Chapter 1 and view this YouTube video (Links to an external site.)

  • Watch :

Lichterman, J. (2014). It’s alive! What NPR learned from turning its @nprnews Twitter account from a bot into a human. (Links to an external site.)

  • Answer question below.
  • Research your response to the question
  • Your post should be concise and to the point, answer the question, support your argument or opinion with examples, experience and resources as appropriate, and be grammatically correct.

QUESTION: After reading and considering the Lichterman article above, discuss the ethical implications of engaging online with a bot rather than a human. Does this change how one should behave in an online community? Can the continued discussion of viral news content on sites like NPR or Huffington Post still qualify as a community even when the dialogue is primarily between a bot and the readers instead of the human writers and editors and their readers?

Directions:: regarding Facebook and 2 from the LinkedIn series at  NOTE: Create an account using your LRU email and you have access to the videos and courses for free. (Links to an external site.)

  1. Develop criteria on which to evaluate the two social networking sites. What is critical to you when selecting a social networking site? What features are essential to you? You must identify at least 5 criteria.
  2. Why did you pick those criteria?
  3. Compare the two sites on those criteria.
  4. Submit your comparison in a Word document using a three column table with the first column the criteria, and the 2nd and 3rd columns the social networking sites. Make a recommendation on one of those. This is not a description of the social media but an evaluative statement on how it meets the criteria.
  5. Remember this is not a description of the social media but an evaluation of how it meets the criteria.


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