Ethereum, Blockchain Technology and Smart Contracts

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FinTech promises to revolutionise finance as well as social organisations with decentralisation as well as automated control and coordination through the use of tokens and smart contracts.

These entities are assembled meaningfully into decentralised apps (dapps) to solve business problems. Dapps are in turn used as building blocks for even bigger coordinative structures that may lead to decentralised organisations.

A wide range of dapps have been created and published on the Ethereum platform as one can observe on the website These dapps use the underlying infrastructural technology of the Ethereum network and provide a variety of services that are encoded by their underlying smart contracts.

With the rise of other smart contract platforms, such as the EOS or Qtum, the number of dapps floating around on the internet is slated to increase.

A typical dapp proposes to solve one specific business problem or a host of them, spelt out clearly in a whitepaper, with developers creating code and raising funds in the form of coin of the underlying network through the issuance of a token over a period of time.

For this assignment, you will identify a business or financial problem, or a host of them, and create or propose to create a dapp in order to provide solutions to your identification.

You will adhere closely to how dapps are generally created and published on a smart contract platform. Therefore, you will explain the problem and solution in a whitepaper, propose a dapp and create it in code either partially or fully.

Furthermore, you will also plan for the fund raising in the form of an ICO.

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Question 1

Undertake and complete a comprehensive project as specified under Topic. You may find the following questions useful as guidelines:

  • Analyse the landscape of existing dapps on the Ethereum network and/or other smart contract platforms to gain a sense of the coverage and use cases in the provision of business solutions.
  • Survey and distinguish the present and anticipate the future fintech landscape in your proposal of a problem that can be feasibly and fruitfully solved with a dapp.
  • Illustrate your plan in rolling out the dapp in full details


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