Essay on Labor Law

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Question 1 (34 marks, 400 words)

What is gender stereotyping, and how does it result in gender discrimination? Give an example on gender stereotyping that happened in a company or an industry worldwide.

Question 2 (33 marks, 400 words)

Apprenticeships and training are an excellent way to encourage employees and allow them to learn a wide range of skills in many different fields. With some evidences from articles of the Private Sector Labor Law of Kuwait no.6 of 2010; Write down three advantages and three disadvantages about offering apprenticeship contract for the employee and how does it affect worker efforts and career?

Question 3 (33 marks, 400 words)

A-The wage is important for every employee, since it provides security and economic well-being. Explain the definitions of Salary, Wage, Remuneration and Compensation? What are the elements of the wage as stated in the Kuwait Employment law?

B- What is the employee sick leave rights as stated in the Kuwait Employment law?

C- Compensation for vacations and money is one of the tasks of the organization. List three cases in which the worker shall obtain compensation and three cases in which he forfeits his right to compensation.


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