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Cloud Computing Audit


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The Scope of a Cloud Computing Audit for Businesses


Cloud computing is defined as the accessibility of on-demand computer networks and resources that do not require direct management. Furthermore, cloud computing involves sharing various resources via the internet with servers and applications. In the millennial era, cloud computing has become a necessity for every organization since it simplifies the tedious work done in the past, and also cloud computing provides services such as cloud computing audit where third parties are involved in the auditing of the business. Moreover, cloud computing audit offers many benefits to organizations, although various challenges are associated with it. Cloud computing audit covers a wide range of functions performed within the organization, therefore exhibiting a broad scope. The paper expounds on the scope of audit in businesses.

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Reasons for Incorporating Cloud Computing Audit in your Business

Cloud computing audit plays an important role in businesses. Therefore every business ought to incorporate the system into its management system, giving the audit team less work when analyzing and carrying out the audit process (Ross & Leeser, 2013).

Cloud computing audit reduces the cost used. Organizations that have adopted the cloud system audit experience reduced cost in performing the audit process compared to other businesses that are yet to incorporate the cloud computing audit in their systems. Moreover, the results of the cloud computing audit are the same as those of the normal auditing.

Cloud computing audit provides accessibility. The geographical location and time frame barrier is eliminated while using the cloud computing audit, thus ensuring easy accessibility (Ross & Leeser, 2013).

The Steps of Cloud Computing Audit

The cloud computing scope of audit provides the necessary steps to be used to complete the audit process. Also, it incorporates the information technology networks responsible for the management of the organization’s activities.

The first step is communication. The audit team needs to establish good contact with the clients, thus ensuring no loss of essential data—moreover, communication aids in identifying the business’s strengths and weaknesses, thus completing the audit task. Also, proper communication ensures that the company understands matters related to auditing. For example, why a third party needs to conduct an auditing process (“Group audits,” 2018).

Security incidents. This step of cloud computing auditing ensures that the business information is protected, thus avoiding loss of important information due to cyber-crime and installation of malefactions. During this step important software’s are put in place to protect against malefactions.

Network security. Network security involves a set of rules meant to protect the confidentiality of the cloud computing audit system. Network security uses specific software and hardware, which aid in running the cloud system during the whole process of cloud computing audit (“Group audits,” 2018).

Change management is an integral part of information system development and implementation of projects. Also, the change management ensures that the projects implemented by an organization are successful, thus avoiding risks that an organization may face. As a result change management makes the cloud computing audit an easy process to complete since all the information required is easily available.


In conclusion, cloud computing audit is very useful since it eliminates the barrier of geographical location. Also, it ensures that the business reduces the cost used for normal auditing as the system incorporated in the cloud system. Cloud computing audit further ensures the continuity of business through system disaster recovery planning. After a cloud computing audit, an organization will learn the pros and cons of a cloud environment and the risk factors associated with using such an environment, such as security breaches, and, therefore, suggest possible solutions for IT-related imperfections.


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