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Essay on American History 2010

American history essay 2010

Assume you are an eligible voter in 1828 (and if you don’t know who’s eligible, look into it!).  Give me three specific reasons for voting FOR Jackson; then give me three specific reasons to vote AGAINST him.

Try to keep your pros and cons relevant to the time.  Criticizing Jackson for not promising to end slavery, for instance, would be unreasonable, since that wasn’t a political option even worth mentioning at the time.

On the other hand, if you don’t like elitist institutions, you could certainly champion him for opposing the Bank of the United States, and for presenting himself as the advocate for the common man.

Give at least a paragraph to each pro, and each con.  Don’t just make an assertion without backing it up.  And, if you’re using the internet for help here — cite what you use!

Life of an American slave in 18th century America

Essay on American History 2010

History 2010 – Ramey: Final Exam

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