Write an analysis of the given essay

please use the checklist to write an analysis
1.Who is the author? the piece aimed at a particular audience? A neutral audience? Persons who are already sympathetic to the author’s point of view?
a hostile audience?
3.What is the author’s thesis (argument, main point , claim)?
4.what assumptions does the author make?
5.Does the author ever confuse facts with beliefs or opinions? convincing is the evidence?
7.are significant objections and counterevidence adequately discussed? is the text organized, and is the organization effective? are the title, the opening paragraphs, and the concluding paragraphs effective? in what ways?
9.if visual materials such as graphs, pie charts, or picktures are used, how persuasive are they? Do they make a logical appeal?(charts and graphs presumably make a logical appeal.) Do they make an emotional appeal?
10.what is the author’s tone? is it appropriate?
11.To what extent has the author convinced me? Why?

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