Essay 2 (Module/Week 8)

Select 1 of these naturalistic writers from the course: Stephen Crane, Kate Chopin, Edwin Arlington Robinson, Jack London, Theodore

Dreiser, or Eugene O’Neill that interests you the most. Research the author’s background, life experiences, and developing worldview(s).

Compose an 8–10-page essay in which you analyze 1 or more of the author’s works and the worldview inherent in the piece(s).
Stay focused on worldview analysis. Biographical information about the author should occupy no more than about 1 or 2 total pages of

content, perhaps intermeshing biographical information throughout the essay. Biographical ideas should be relevant to the discussion of

the author’s worldview in his/ her work(s). One or 2 biographical sources (such as the textbook) can be consulted. Cite at least 3

additional secondary sources, preferably books and journal articles, to support your argument about the author’s worldview inherent in

his/ her life and works.
In summary, your works cited page must contain at least 1 work written by the author, 1 biographical source, and 3 secondary sources for a

minimum total of 5 sources.

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