Equity and Trust LETTER WRITING


1. Write the letter required above.

2. Prepare a Note setting out briefly the law (with references to authorities) on which your advice is based.


1 The letter should follow the usual conventions, having an address, date, salutation (Dear…) and appropriate close (Yours…). Instead of your signature at the end please put your ID number.

2 There is no word limit for the letter but you should aim for a maximum of TWO SIDES of A4 in Font 12 including headings and signature.

3 The tone of the letter should be appropriate – polite, formal but friendly, clear and grammatically correct.

4 You should try to avoid the use of ‘legalese’ – technical legal language. You may need to use a word or expression which might be unfamiliar to the client but if you do, you should then explain it as best you can.

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