Equality and diversity Case study 1

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Case study 1

You have just been appointed as a Bi-lingual Teaching Assistant in year 4. You are supporting Tariq (8years old) who speaks English as an

additional language and has speech and language difficulties.
He lacks confidence because of this but you are aware that you must not be close to him at all times in order for him to develop

On playground duty one day, you observe Tariq trying to join in play with a group of boys.
You overhear the group of children making fun of Tariq’s speech and one pupil is speaking to him with a strong accent/copying his accent

in a mocking manner.
How would you deal with this incident?
What would you say to the group?
How would you continue developing Tariq’s independence so that he does not become reliant on you?

Points to consider
Children’s lack of empathy. why?
Are they trouble makers or is it lack of their understanding

Address the situation explain why they are different and be positive
Tariq’s language barriers
No friends
How them as a group could help Tariq feel better about himself/school
Be open factual and honest when addressing the situation

Playing social interaction games: think about how are they going to promote communication between the children , team building , trust and

same interest

Continuing to develop Tariq independence
lots of encouragement and praise, opportunities to try new things for him self and social activities in small groups

Please read case study and the points to consider above and answer questions in your own words.

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