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Epidemiological Applications

Critical Reflection

  1. Mention particular idea or issue you learned about the topic Epidemiological Applications (Can access this topic with link given below) that challenged your way of thinking and/or the assumptions you may have had with respect to this particular idea/issue—g. expanded your view or made you think of something in a completely new way after knowing about this topic? Be very specific about describing how your way of thinking related to health equality and health inequity about this particular idea or issue changed, and why.
  2. Think about, and describe, a past clinical experience in the hospital as a student that this idea/issue would be relevant to—e., where your new thinking about this idea or issue would have helped to explain the situation, or where it might have been useful to understand the situation, or where it might have been an exemplar of the idea/issue.
  3. What more will you need to learn about this idea/issue as you continue on into your nursing career?

Directly write the answers in paragraph. Do not write questions. No references. Write in reflection form with use of “I”.  Please think critically to choose an issue to write

Last Updated on January 29, 2018

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