Enterprise Key management policy, homework help

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Develop the enterprise key management policy that provides the processes, procedures, rules of behavior, and training within the enterprise key management system. Be sure to address different case scenarios and hypothetical situations. You may want to research different policies used by companies and adapt those frameworks for creating your policy.
Address the following within the policy:
• Digital certificates
o Certificate authority
o Certificate revocation lists
For example, when employees leave the company, their digital certificates must be revoked within 24 hours. Another is that employees must receive initial and annual security training.
Include up to three corporate scenarios and devise policy standards, guidance, and procedures that would be invoked by the enterprise management policy. Each should be short statements to define what someone would have to do to comply with the policy.
The overall information in the corporate scenarios can be fictitious or modeled after an existing corporation, which should then be cited using APA format. The length of this policy should be two pages double-spaced Word document with citations in APA format.



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