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Summarize both of the arguments (“they say”), explain how the authors agree and disagree, and craft your own response to the issues the two essays raise (“I say”). Make sure you include a naysayer to show possible objections to your argument, and address the “so what?” factor: why does this issue matter?


Link to the two readings/arguments:

ANNE-MARIE SLAUGHTER, “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All”

RICHARD DORMENT, “Why Men Still Can’t Have It All”


  • The summary of both arguments arethorough and clear. They are unbiased, but they highlight the differences between the two arguments15 points.
  • The issues in the original text to which you are responding are represented fairly, accurately and completely. 15 points.
  • Your response to the argument in the original text is clear, appropriate, and relevant to the discussion. 20 points.
  • You have included a naysayer in the text of your argument, and have responded to that view appropriately. 15 points.
  • You have made clear to your reader why this is an important issue for their consideration. 10 points.
  • The essay is well-organized (refer to the Information rubric). It leads readers from one point to the next, makes connections between ideas, and makes those connections easy to follow. 10 points
  • The essay is well written from start to finish, without errors in spelling, grammar, or use of English.10 points
  • The paper is presented using MLA format. Any references used are cited using MLA guidelines, with proper in-text citations as well as a Works Cited Page. 5 points.

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