English Essay #1

Essay #1

English 112:  Cook

                                                100 pts


Your first major assignment for English 112 is to choose one of the following questions and write a 3-page (approximate length) essay.

To help you begin to formulate your ideas, start noticing how often you log onto your phone & laptop; what games you play (if any);what social media you interact with; and how this screen time impactsyour interaction with friends&family, focusing on your homework, sleep productivity, and more.  Again, choose ONE of the following topics on which to focus your essay:

  1. What role does social media played in your life?
  2. Does the image you project on social media reflect the “real” you?
  3. What does your cyber “footprint” say about you? If someone were you “google” you, what would she learn about you?  Imagine, for example, that this person is a potential employer?  A potential date, coach, or roommate?  Does the information you put out on social media reflect who you really are?
  4. Does my use of social media fit into the goals I have for my life?

To help you get started, start paying attention to your “screen” habits and think about the following questions.  Hopefully, you’ll begin to notice patterns in your social mediahabits, and will begin to discovermore insight into the ways that your phone impacts your life.

Begin by downloading “moment,” “checky” or any other free mobile app that documents the time you’re spending on your phone each day.  Keep the app for one week, and consider including that information in your essay.  (You may  alsobe able to see this information under your “settings” tab, although the apps are more specific.)


  • How many hours per day do you spend on social media and on your “screens” in general?


  • What is the most common social media site you use, and what purpose does it serve in your life? Is this time on your phone a positive or a negative in your life?


  • If social media disappeared today, how would your life be different? Be specific.  Move beyond clichés like:  “My conversations would be deeper” or “I’d miss the connection I have with people who live far away.”


  • If you, like many young people, spend many hours on your phone/laptop per day, what is being compromised? For example, what activities are you NOT doing while you are spending all those hours playing games on your phone?


  • Has your use of social media ever caused emotional harm to you or to someone else?


  • Have you ever been harmed by someone else’s use of social media? What lessons did you learn?


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