English education essay


How can being from another country help you in college, in your education? How does diversity influence your day to day activities on campus and off?

Write a 1100 word essay. Your audience for this essay will be your classmates. Essay should have 6 paragraphs. I need very CREATIVE and INTERESTING introduction, which will grab reader’s attention.

Make sure you essay is well organized, and develops your ideas thoroughly. Pay attention to transitions between paragraphs. Make sure to add 3-4 quotes from following texts:

Richard Rodriguez’s article “Complexion” and Richard Light Chaps. 7 and 8.

Essay must address the assignment thoughtfully and analytically. Demonstrates a strong sense of purpose and audience awareness

and shapes a consistent and appropriate persona.

??Demonstrates a strong understanding of the issues and ideas raised in the texts, effectively integrating and analyzing

materials from the assigned texts.

??Demonstrates logical and skillful organization, using effective transitions to connect and develop ideas.

??Demonstrates strong development, providing specific details and compelling reasoning.

??Demonstrates superior control of grammar, sentence variety, word choice and conventions of standard written English

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