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Final Paper—6 Pages – English – Article writing

This assignment is including two parts.
Proposal for final paper—
Submit to the instructor, in memo form, a proposal for the final paper. Explain what you hope to prove or explain and give a list of at least four sources you may use, at least three of which must be scholarly. Use MLA format for your source list. (If you have any specific concerns about problems that may come up, feel free to include them.)
Final paper –
The final paper is to be an analysis utilizing a minimum of three scholarly sources in addition to one or more of the literary works we have discussed in the course. Your analysis, which is to be 6-8 pages in length (including the works cited), can take any of a number of shapes. Here are some suggestions:
a. Comparison/contrast of thematically related works.
b. Comparison/contrast of one of the works we read with a film version.
c. An argument in which you use sources to advance a particular interpretation of a work.
d. A plan for a production of one of the works we have discussed that includes justification of directorial choices.
e. A plan for how you might approach a particular play from the point of view of an actor in it.
(Papers must show correct use of MLA format. )
The book that we read in this course:
A raisin in the sun- Hansberry Lorraine
A view from the bridge- Miller, Arthur
Awake and Sing-Odets, Clifford
Buried Child-Shepard, Sam
Fences- Agust, Wilson
From whom the southern belle tolls
The dark at the top of the stairs-Inge William
How I learn to drive-Vogel,Paula
The American Dream- Albee, Edward
The glass Menagerie- William, Tennessee

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