English and Literature Paper

English and Literature

Paper instructions:

1. Paraphrase a portion of the following passage.

“Tracy, a quality control supervisor in an electronics company, opened a department meeting with these words: ‘Good morning, Gang. I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that you will all be getting an extra week of vacation next month. (Cheers from the group.) And, the bad news is that it will be without pay.’ (Sighs and laughter from the group.) Whether or not you laugh at Tracy’s remarks, she is exhibiting a trait that is considered important for a leader. Humor serves such functions in the workplace as relieving tension, relieving boredom, and defusing hostility” (Dubrin, 2008, p. 219).

2. Paraphrase a portion of the following passage.

“Thermodynamics is studied by physicists, chemists, and engineers. Physicists and chemists are concerned with basic laws, properties of substances, and changes in properties caused by interaction of different forms of energy. Engineers are interested not only in all these aspects, but also in the application of thermodynamic principles to the design of machines that will convert energy from one form into another. Electrical engineers are often interested in the conversion of mechanical energy into electrical energy. Mechanical engineers are frequently concerned with the design of a system that will most efficiently convert thermal or heat energy into mechanical energy” (Karlekar, 1983, p. 3).

3. Summarize the following passage.

“Job sharing is a modified work schedule in which two people share the same job, both usually working half-time. The people sharing the job might be two friends, a husband and wife, or two employees who did not know each other before sharing a job. An example of job sharing would be for one person to work mornings, and the other to work afternoons. If the job were complex, the two sharers would have to spend some overlap time discussing the job” (Dubrin, 2008, p. 83).

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