England and her American colonies

As tensions escalated between England and her American colonies, a young lawyer rose to speak to his fellow Virginians about the issues at hand. Patrick Henry’s speech in March 1775 was a bold public statement of his opinions regarding the colony’s course of action.

After reading the text of the speech, available in Blackboard, viewing the video on Patrick Henry, and reviewing Chapter 5 in your textbook, you are to construct a 900-1100 word response to one of the following prompts. Your paper should completely address the question selected and use specific examples from the text to support your answer.

Prompts: 1) Henry’s speech was a call to action. What did he want his fellow Virginians to do? How did he justify his desire? In what ways did Henry address the concerns of those who did not agree with him?

2) Slavery was a common theme in Henry’s speech. What specific imagery did Henry use to illustrate his message? Why would those images have resonated so strongly with his audience?

3) Throughout his speech, Henry referenced a variety of Biblical themes. What are some of the most striking references Henry used? Why would these themes have resonated with his audience?

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