Engineering Law

Prepare a written report on a new business.  This business can be a product or a service.

1)    Describe the form of the new business. Why did you select this type of business entity?

2)    What is the name of your business?

3)    What products or services will your business provide?

4)    What type of intellectual property will your business obtain? Why?

5)    What types of contracts will your new business enter into and with whom?  Describe in detail to show your knowledge of contract law.

6)    You pay David Smith  from ARTFORLESS $500 to create a logo for your business and later he sells the same logo to a competitor.

Who owns the copyright to the logo?   What should you have done to prevent this situation from occurring? Please provide a detailed explanation.

Prepare a written report to answer these questions.  Please conform to MLA standards.


Last Updated on November 22, 2019

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