Engineering dynamics

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This project consists of analyzing the performance of a drag racing car (dragster). The dragster has a 3 speed transmission. It starts from zero at t = 0 and blasts down the quarter mile drag strip as fast as possible.

The driver shifts gears in succession as the dragster accelerates down the track. Refer to the attached A-V graph which shows the acceleration rate for each gear. The acceleration rates in each gear are assumed to be constant for this exercise.

Construct a V-S graph and estimate the following:

1) the time required for the dragster to complete the 1/4 mile run

2) the speed in miles per hour of the dragster as it passes the end of the 1/4 mile run.

3) this dragster is supposed to reach 100mph at the end of the 1/4mile run. Is this possible?

Write up a brief engineering report on your work.


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