Endangered sea turtles assignment

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  1. What kind of animal is a sea turtle: mammal, insect, reptile, amphibian or plant?
  2. What are the seven species of sea turtles (common names are fine!)?
  3. There is some debate about whether an additional species of sea turtle may exist. What is it called, and why do some people say it is a separate species? (Hint: it is closely related to green sea turtles!)
  4. Are sea turtles most often found in: (a) warm, tropical waters OR (b) cooler, temperate waters?
  5. Which of the seven species is the most widely distributed sea turtle species (in other words found in the most places around the world)?
  6. What species of sea turtle is sometimes found in Washington State waters?
  7. Which is the smallest species of sea turtle, and which is the largest?
  8. How many eggs do leather-back sea turtles lay in a single nest? How many nests do they tend to lay in a year?
  9. Which two sea turtle species participate in ‘mass nesting events’? What is the name for this behavior?
  10. How old (generally) are sea turtles when they reach sexual maturity?
  11. How long do sea turtles live (generally)?
  12. What is one example of the importance of sea turtles to indigenous people? Be sure to say what part of the world you are referring to.
  13. What are three threats to sea turtles when they come ashore to nest?


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