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Emerging or New Technology


Emerging or New Technology

All students are required to write a four (4) -page typewritten, double-spaced paper. It should be
in MLA format (format information can be obtained from online or the library). The paper must
contain at least
3 different sources, cited references, not later then 6 months).

You can obtain the
information from newspapers, magazines, the Internet, etc. The student must:

1. Select an article from various sources that deals with some sort of Emerging or New
Technology that is being created, (i.e. a new component for a computer that will help enhance it,
or a new gadget.) You can also write about a new software program or computing technology
that is being developed or has recently been developed.

2. The student must then summarize the articles.

3. Indicate how the new technological component relates to them, (i.e. what is the new item, how
does it work, what is it going to be used for and how will it help you now or in the future. If the
component does not apply to you directly, then indicate how will it help your field of study or
career interest in general).

The source should appear at the bottom of your article as follows: Example: Pardriac Boyle,
“Web Site Traffic Cops”, PC Magazine, February 18,1997, p.95.

4. For this class, it is permissible to assist classmates in general discussions of computing techniques.
General advice and interaction are encouraged. Each person, however, must develop his or her
own solutions to the assigned projects, assignments, and tasks, In other words, students may not
“work together” on graded assignments.

A student may not use or copy (by any means) another’s
work (or portions of it) and represent it as his/her own. Such collaboration is strongly frowned
upon and may affect your grade. If you need help on an assignment, contact your instructor or the
TA, not other classmates.

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