Emergence of cyber crime


The proliferation of computer technology has led to the emergence of cybercrime. Two types of cybercrime are cybertheft and cybervandalism. Define and give two examples of each. List three reasons that cybercrime poses a significant challenge to traditional law enforcement.

What steps do you believe can be taken to help traditional law enforcement agencies address these challenges? One common cybercrime that often is not adequately addressed by local law enforcement agencies is identity theft. What is identity theft? What are some common ways that cyberthieves steal someone’s identify? What are some steps individuals can take to protect themselves from identity theft?

In response to the threat presented by cybercrime, the FBI developed Cyber’s Most Wanted  www.fbi.gov/wanted/cyber). Choose the profiles of two of the FBI’s most wanted cybercriminals. Discuss the crime they are alleged to have committed and the steps you believe can be taken to reduce the chances that such crimes will be
committed in the future.

. The paper is worth 100 points and will be graded according to the following criteria:
1) Content (60) – Your paper should effectively address the questions asked in the essay you

2) Organization (15) – Your ideas should be clear and well organized. This paper must be written as an essay. It should include an introductory paragraph and concluding paragraph. Each paragraph in the body of the paper should begin with a clear topic sentence. Topic sentences should establish the topic of each paragraph. There must be a logical connection from sentence to sentence and paragraph to paragraph.

3) Writing Style (10) – Your paper should be written clearly and in an academic manner. You should not use common colloquial terms as if you were holding a conversation.

4) Grammar (5) – Grammar is an essential aspect of all writing.

5) Subjective (10) – All grading consists of a subjective component that assesses your ability to combine all four of the previous criteria.

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