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The effects of violent video games on children

The paper should include:
1. Introduction Problem Statement
Clearly explain what problem or set of problems you are trying to address. This can be a learning or performance gap or opportunity for improvement.
2. Context
Clearly, describe the conditions in which this topic will take place. What is the organization or company or school, etc.? what are its purposes? Are there relevant recent organizational changes that will affect this project?
3-Target Audience
Who are the learners or worker’s others targeted by this intervention? What are key, relevant characteristics and traits that will affect the design of this intervention?
4- Goals/Objectives
What is this topic intended to accomplish? How will it address the problem statement articulated above? These should be tangible, measurable and observable.
5. Literature Review
In this section, you will use sources to justify the soundness of your approach to accomplishing your goals/objectives and to provide justification for design decisions you make in the design of your product. You must use APA style to correctly cite your sources and be sure there is an APA style bibliography at the end of the paper
6. Needs Analysis
You will use research methods to learn about the performance or learning needs of your target audience.
Methods you may use to conduct your Needs Analysis should be a Survey
· Describe the method(s) you are using to conduct your Needs Analysis and explain why you chose this (these) method(s)
· Include any data collection instruments you create
· Summarize your data.
· Analyze your data and summarize your analysis.
· Summarize your findings from your analysis
· Discuss your findings and how you interpret them.
8. Conclusion/Reflection
In this final section, you will reflect on and summarize the major lessons you learned from conducting and completing this paper. You may focus on the object of your topic. You may consider what you might do differently on a future topic or what went well that you would do the same.

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