effects of prying action

Define prying action ? Sketch an alternative joint diagram showing the effects of prying action Name at least two things the joint designer can do to reduce prying action ?

This and the following three questions are all in reference to a ductile iron joint whose width (DJ) = 1.625 in. Thickness (T ) = 2.0 in. The joint is loaded by a single 3/8–20 / 2.5 J429 GR 5 bolt.

Washers 0.625 in. in diameter are used under the head of the bolt and under the nut. The diameter of the bolt hole is 1/64 in. larger than the diameter of the body of the bolt.

A tensile load (LX) of 7.40 kips is applied to the joint along the axis of the bolt. What is the effective length (Le) of this bolt?

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